Melissa Mae Kors professional artist New York City


Professional Artist & Designer

My name is Melissa Mae Kors, and I am a professional portrait artist & painter for hire living in New York, NY.  I have a BA in Studio Painting from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside, but I learned the best of what I know from doodling with my father as a child while growing up in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

I specialize in custom, highly detailed, figurative & still life acrylic paintings on canvas that are created using photos.  My style can range from realistic to Surreal. I paint anything from animals, people, & characters to houses, cars,  & landscapes.


Send me photos of your family, your pets, your idols, your wedding, your house, your vacation landscape, or of anything and I will turn them into a masterpiece made just for you.  Contact me today to commission a unique, personalized original portrait that you can keep for ever or give as a thoughtful gift.





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