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Professional Artist & Designer

Melissa Mae Kors is a Louisiana born figurative painter based in New York City. Her paintings are brightly colored and full of patterns dancing across the canvas and replete with hidden symbols. Her artwork may look whimsical and light but are often about serious themes such as isolation, conformity, oppression, sexuality, fears, pain, and pleasure. She has Narcolepsy much of her work surreal paintings  explores the overlap between the real world and messages from the subconscious mind.


Kors has a BA in painting from the University of Wisconsin (2006) and completed a residency at the School of Visual Arts (2017). She received the Best Contemporary award and the Bronze Award from the Master of Art International Art Exhibition and Awards (2016).  Her paintings have been exhibited in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, New York, and in England. Her work was recently  published in Global Art Times Magazine (2023) and also exhibited at a New York Fashion Show with the Six Summit Gallery in NYC (2024).

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