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Melissa Mae Kors, a New York professional artist


Professional Artist & Designer

Melissa Mae Kors is an up-and-coming surrealist artist living in NYC. Her happy place has always been in the strokes that recreate the world she observes and imagines. In 1979, Melissa Mae was born in the small southern town of Lake Charles, Louisiana. She attained degrees in both the Performing and Visual Arts. Many years were spent in Texas raising her daughter until, in 2020, when her daughter went off to college. Her paintings have been exhibited in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, New York, and in England. Kors' most recent exhibit was at the Six Summit Gallery in NYC.

"My paintings are much like myself in that they have gone through many layers to get to how they appear. My paintings are strategically planned out everything from the bright colors and the figures’ poses to the symbols and patterns. My artwork is about life and how we are all connected. I believe humans are flawed animals. We fear judgement by others, we hide our shame, pain, sexuality. We are materialistic and superficial.  We are all connected by going through the same emotions at different times of our lives. We all follow a path that has joy, sorrow, pain, and pleasure, and we are all doing our best to experience life's ups and downs. I personally deal with life by not taking it so seriously." ~Melissa Mae Kors

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