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The Gift of a Lifetime

It is important to us that your painting reflects you and your style.




how to order


1. Text or email me a couple of photos you like

I'll let you know which one I think will look best as a painting and send you a cropped version of the photo to make sure you like the layout.  I will also ask if you have specific colors or patterns accented in the painting.


2. Let me know the due date

Just to make sure I can have the painting completed by the time you need the painting.

3. Send me the payment in full


I prefer payment by Zelle, but also accept PayPal, Venmo, or Cashier's Check

4. I'll send a progress photo & a photo of the finished painting


Just to make sure you like the painting or if I need to make minor adjustments to the painting.

5. I'll ship or deliver the painting to you

Shipping has an extra cost, but if you live in the New York City area, I can deliver the painting to you


16" x 20" Commissioned portrait

the process

This is the reference photo I used as a reference


I create portrait paintings using acrylic paint on canvas that are custom tailored for you. Using photos you send me to reference and information about the colors, style, and details you would like added, I will combined all of these ingredients to create you your very own original, one of a kind, work of art.  I can create portrait paintings that are more traditional with the subjects posed front and center, or I can create portraits that are more artistic that, for instance, alter styles with flat, patterned clothing & backgrounds or where the subject is off center or in the shadow or other non-traditional details. I can even create portraits where the person has an animal head showing their inner spirit or in reverse I can paint your pet with their spirit human body. If you would rather have a painting of a prized possession such as a house, boat, guitar, garden I can create a still-life or landscape painting for you. I've also painted famous musicians and actors as well as fictional book characters or mythological creatures for clients. 

Things to think about:


  • Where will the painting be displayed? If you have a good idea where the painting will hang, it will help in choosing the size canvas you want, the style you want, and main colors you would like in the painting.

  • Do you prefer a traditional portrait or more artistic portrait? If you don't want a posed portrait that focuses on the face, we can get creative with your painting. Your painting can focus more on the background design or there can be multiple images of one person or instead of a person head, we can paint your "spirit" animal head on your body

  • Do you want me to use one photo or a few photos? If you have a photo with a great face expression, but another photo with a great outfit we can combine the two photos into one painting.  Another example is if someone is missing in your group photo and you have a photo of a person you want to add to the group, we can paint the missing person into the group.


What colors or patterns do you want prominent in the painting?


The painting process

How Long will it Take


The time it takes to complete a painting depends on the complexity and size of the of the painting. I prefer to have a month to work on the painting, but I can have a painting completed in as little as a week.

Payment information

Full payment is required before I begin your project. Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and Banker's Checks are acceptable ways to pay. You are welcome to work out the timing of payments with me. 


Portraits are shipped USPS or FedEx (U.S. and International). Please let me know if your portrait is to be a surprise and needed by a special date. I love surprises!  Shipping cost is not included in the painting cost and will be added to the final invoice.






9" x 12"

12" x 16"

16" x 20"

20" x 24"

24" x 30"

30" x 40"

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