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Dirty Sex Suits

“Death comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes”  ~ John Donne

I created the “Dirty Sex Suits” series to visualize the Tao Te Ching’s belief that, we are all born, live, and die.  Even though we, as humans, may have different experiences in the material world, we will all equally die, so be content with what you are given, have no fear, and live it up.  “It is the way of Nature, An eternal decay and renewal."~ Lao Tze 


My acrylic paintings are surreal (dreamlike). I wanted to contrast the material and spiritual realms in the paintings.  The Material world is earthy , raw, sexual, heavy, sculpted, and realistic.  In contrast, Spiritual world is bright & shiney gold leaf painted designs.  The spirits are leaving their temporarily given "suits" through a zipper.

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