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Priceless Entertainment & Keepsake

You will never forget your special event with it transformed into an original fine art painting to hang on your wall.


How it Works


Prior to your event we talk about the details of your event and what you envision your painting to look like.  We will discuss colors you would like in the painting as well as which moments and people you would like painted in the painting. 


You will then book my services for your event date and pay a 25% non-refundable deposit.


On the day of the event I will arrive 2-3 hours early to set up and begin painting an outline of the background. I will bring everything I need to paint (easel, canvas, paint, brushes, drop-cloth, etc...) All I need is access to the venue and to know where I should set up my easel. The area should be at least  5 ' x 5' and have a view of the scene I'm painting and should be accessible for your guests to see the painting being created.


As guests arrive, I will interact with them and continue continue to paint throughout the event. Your guests will be delighted and entertained by watching the painting being created. As I paint, I will capture the atmosphere of the event: structures, lighting, décor, attire, and people.


I may take photos of quick special moments so that I can reference them while I create the painting.


The whole process takes around 4-5 hours. Since I paint with odorless, acrylic paint that dries in minutes, you can take your painting with you at the end of the event. Once the painting is completed, I will clean up and pack up all my supplies leaving my area of the venue spotless. 



Price does not include the cost of travel (if your event can not be traveled to by way of the NYC Metro system) and accommodations (if your event is more than 2 hours away from Manhattan.)

Q & A


  • What size is the painting?
    Sizes vary for each package, ranging from 18"x24" to 30"x40", with custom sizing available. Remember, the larger the canvas, the easier it is to watch me paint! Canvases are of high quality to ensure you will have an heirloom to pass on to future generations. All canvases are gallery wrapped (the sides are thicker, completely covered in canvas, and staple free), and I will paint the edges so they look just as clean hanging unframed as they do hanging framed.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    I primarily paint in high quality acrylic on well crafted pre-stretched canvas.
  • How long does a live painting take?
    I will arrive 2 to 3 hours before your wedding to set up and paint the background. I will paint through your event as entertainment for your guests. I will paint for a total of about 5 to 6 hours.
  • When will my painting be finished?
    Most paintings are able to be finished at the event! However, I offer to bring the painting home for for touch ups. We then coordinate drop off/pick up or shipping with the client as needed. I try to finish paintings as soon as possible when I take them home to the studio, but depending on touch up requests I like to say it could take 1-3 Months to be safe.
  • What style do you paint in?
    My goal as the artist is to capture the mood of your event on canvas, and to entertain your guests. You will already have countless photos giving you a photo- realistic rendering of your day. In contrast my paintings have a dreamlike quality, painted in an expressive and colorful impressionistic style. It's best represented by examples in my gallery. Identifiable features like hair color and clothing will make the central people stand out, but the faces of guests will be painted more loosely to bring the viewer's eye back to the central people and generate a feeling of movement in the painting.
  • Do you paint from photos are from life?
    The painting is painted from life but I also snap some quick photos during the event for reference as the scene shifts and for if touch ups or requested after the event. I will also paint from photos for Client's whose event has already happened, but would like to have a painting.
  • What scenes do you paint?
    I can paint any scene you want, but I often put together different moments of the event into one cohesive space. If you are having a wedding and your ceremony and reception are in two different locations I can start in the first location and pack up and relocate to the reception, so guests can still watch me paint. I may snap some photos of my own as reference but I promise to do so respectfully.
  • Can I have certain family or friends in the painting?
    Each painting will focus on the most important people. Clients can specify other family and friends whose likeness they would like to have in the painting in a looser style
  • Could you paint a loved one or a special symbol to represent someone who has passed away in the live painting?
    I would be honored. I am fully flexible to work with you to make this picture as perfect as possible. I could paint your loved one how you imagine them there or something to represent them. Whatever works for you, works for me.
  • Does the artwork come framed?
    All of my paintings can be hung as is, but they do not come with a frame.
  • Do you paint LGBTQ and BIPOC weddings?
    Of course I do. I am an inclusive wedding vendor and here to celebrate all weddings. No matter your gender, sexuality, religion, or race.
  • Do you do other events besides weddings?
    Absolutely! I can paint other events such as cooperate events, fundraisers, bar mitzvas, quinceaneras, etc...
  • Do you allow rescheduling event dates for emergencies?
    I do my best to accommodate rescheduled dates if I am available, however I book up many months in advance (sometimes years) so I can't guarantee availability. There is also an additional fee to reschedule because once your date is booked I hold it just for you and decline business for any other inquiries on your date.
  • Are you able to travel?
    I will travel and paint all around the world. I am based in New York City, so if your event is over a one hour commute that is when Travel and Accommodations will be added at a reasonable price.
  • What do you need the day of the event?
    I need access to an electrical outlet to plug in my lighting for darker rooms, and I need shelter from the elements if outdoors. For health and safety, an artist's space at least 10' x 10' is needed. When choosing where to place my performance in the room, please keep in mind that I need a clear line of sight to the action, free from obstructions like DJ speakers or architectural elements like pillars, and that you will want your guests to be able to see me work as well. I will also need some water for my cup. Other than that I’m all set!
  • How much does it cost?
    Average pricing ranges from $1500 - $2,500 and is based on the location of the event, the size of the canvas, the popularity of the event date, and the day of the week. A 25% non refundable deposit is due upon booking to secure your event. Additional fees may apply depending on the location of the event and the date. Please contact me for a price sheet with detailed package information.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! We can discuss the best way to split the payments up over the months leading up to your wedding. I use a program that will send an invoice to your email and it is super easy to fill out and keep up with payments.
  • Are you insured?
    I currently have no business liability insurance, so if a venue requires vendors to be insured there may be a conflict in hiring me.
  • I have a different question...
    Well I'd love to hear it! You can go ahead and Click Here to contact me.
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